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Products of JSA "Drogobych machine-building factory"

JSA "Drogobych machine-building factory" produces a wide range of equipment, spare parts and instruments for oil-and-gas industry, having experience of thirty years collaboration with our partners. We suggest next products of own production:

I. Equipment for exploitation and repair of oil-and-gas pipelines and gas-distribution.
1. Modular gas-distributives stations (БК ГРС).
1.1 Automated gas-distributive station (БК ГРС "Дрогобич-10").
1.2 Modular gas-distributive station (БК ГРС-I-30).
1.3 Modular gas-distributives stations (БК ГРС-I-80).
1.4 Modular gas-distributives stations (БК ГРС-I-150).
1.5 Modular gas-distributives stations (БК ГРС-II-70).
1.6 Modular gas-distributives stations (БК ГРС-II-120).
1.7 Modular gas-distributives stations (БК ГРС-I-160).
2.  Vessels for acquisition (БК ГРС).
3.  Gas cleaning unit (БОГ).
4.  Gas uilters.
5.  Cabinet gas-regulation (ПГШ).
6.  Quick-detachable plug.
7.  Cleaning-magnetic piston.
8.  Compartment valve (КВ).

II. Equipment for building and repair highway pipelines.
1. Flame-abrasive cleaning Complex (КТО-1).
2. Flame-abrasive cleaning Unit (УТО-1).
3. Cleaning machines.
4. Insulation machines.

III. Drilling instrument
1. Adapters for drilling pipe strings(П, М, Н),for driving drilling pipes(ПШВ,ПШН) and adapters(ППВШ).
2. Elevators(КМ) and wedge hanger.
3. Blade spiral calibrators (КС) and centralizers (ЦС).
4. Drilling pipelines (УБТС-2,ТВКП).
5. Complex of welled equipment(КСО 73/168-17).

IV. Through catching instrument
1. Universal drilling and special latch taps (МБУ,МСЗ)
2. Through catching caps (К,КС) and pipe catchers (ТВН,ТНЗ)

V. Spare parts for drilling equipment
1.  Spare parts for drilling pumps
1.1 Cylinder bushings
1.2 Rods
1.3 Valves
1.4 Pistons
2.  Spare parts for cementing aggregates
2.1 Hinged elbov (3КШ-00.000).
2.2 Faucet communicating (ЦА 320 М).
2.3 Cementing heads (ГЦУ)

VI. Other kinds of production
1.  Ram-type and piston hydraulic cylinders
2.  Water filters
3.  Supports turning of motor-car faucet (КС-4574.17.100).
4.  Metallic constructions
5.  Forged wares
6.  Lathe and millings works.
7.  Heat treatment.
8.  Castings works.

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